Mario Strikers Battle League Football

Nintendo SKU: 162683

Mario Strikers Battle League Football

Nintendo SKU: 162683
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Aim for victory with teamwork, tackles, table-turning items, and score-boosting Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football on Nintendo Switch. Do whatever it takes to win in frantic local multiplayer and team up with other players online to become the world's top club!


Mario and friends face off against each other in Strike, a five vs five, football-like sport without any of those pesky rules getting in the way!

The team who scores the most goals wins, but with crunching Team Tackles flying in and all sorts of items adding to the chaos (not to mention the electric fences containing the carnage), scoring is easier said than done!

Hit the back of the net with a powerful Hyper Strike though, and TWO goals are added to the tally.


Assemble a team of Mushroom Kingdom all-stars, made up of four Strikers and a goalkeeper trying to keep the ball out of your net. Each character has their own stats such as Speed, Passing and Strength, as well as the ability to unleash a game-changing Hyper Strike. Here's how the squad lines up.


Equipping your Strikers with different gear will not only change their look, but also tailor their attributes to suit your gameplan. Use in-game coins earned by playing matches to unlock new gear sets to don during your next fixture. Mix and match the various sets to find your ideal combination of stats and style.


Temporarily makes the Striker invincible, boosts their stats, and ensures any opponent who gets physical is roundly rebounded.


Up to eight friends can take to the field together, either around the TV on one Nintendo Switch console, via local wireless, or online.

Of course, working with your teammates will be the key to victory. Utilise manual passes to play the ball into space and create scoring opportunities, or launch a teammate into opposing players with a sneaky Team Tackle and steal the ball right off their toes.


Take part in the online Strikers Club mode and create your own club, including customising the stadium, kits, and team crest. Recruit players and compete against other clubs from around the world during week-long seasons to earn enough points to climb up the divisions.

Additional accessories, games and/or systems may be required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

Internet connection required during online play. The registration and linkage of Nintendo Account and acceptance of the Nintendo Account Agreement and Privacy Policy are required. Some online services may not be available in all countries. Online play requires paid online subscription.
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