Powerwave PS4 FPS Aim Assist Pack


Powerwave PS4 FPS Aim Assist Pack

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Get the Competitive Edge

The Powerwave PS4 FPS Aim Assist Pack will give you the competitive edge in gaming with the ability to improve aiming stability and accuracy. Choose from Hard, Normal or Soft Aim-Rings to provide customised support and make precise, fine movements in your favourite Action and FPS games. For even more customisation add on the concave design Thumb Grip Extenders for enhanced grip and range by 10mm

Improve FPS accuracy
Reduce hand fatigue
Reduce over aiming
Three levels of control

This pack includes

2 x Thumb Grip Extenders made from ABS and TPE
2 x Hard Aim-Rings for High Resistance made from EVA
2 x Normal Aim-Rings for Medium Resistance made from Silicon Sponge
2 x Soft Aim-Rings for Low Resistance made from Sponge

Note: Controller not included.
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